Why to choose MFNs

Made for Nails is a unique way to embrace your nails and feel like a diva in no time. We have pioneered in bringing professional quality artificial nails with more than 500 designs directly at your door step. Choose a SMART way to embellish your nails and STOP investing in boring old ways. Why to wait so much when you can have nails ready for every occasion as you wish. Go and create your own nail wardrobe for every mood. We ace the market because of our exceptional features like-


Unlike other nail art techniques, MFN uses AI technology which allows you to choose your own design, color and size of your nails through MFN app. It gives you a whole new experience of designing your nails as per your requirements. Now enjoy the freedom of being your own stylist and create your designs for every mood and situation


You can use the product as many times as you want. It does not lose its beauty for long. You just need to put it in hot water for around 30 minutes and its new again! Now relish your nail art without any worry.


SIt’s not any rocket science to use and clean your artificial nails unlike any other products available in the market. A user manual has been provided to guide you for the first time and make you a pro.


We have taken utmost care of hygiene while designing. You can easily clean your nails, remove and reapply whenever required. Even if you have brittle, short nails and wanting to get salon styled nails at home, Mad for Nails is for you. Here you can design you own nail as per your wish. MFN acrylic extensions are cost effective solutions for customers then their counterpart available processes in salons. Now you can get salon finish at home.