About Us

India’s First of its kind boutique for Designer artificial Nails! An initiative by Optiemus Infracom Limited

The story/history of artificial nails arts, beautification has been around for thousands of years, like in ancient Egypt where citizens used different colors to distinguish their social status. Nail art is the latest example of personal body art to hit the beauty salons, it’s another instance of how a woman gets to enjoy art in her everyday life. Now artificial nail designs can be anything from simple stripes to intricate landscapes. Whether they're plain or detailed, Convenience, ease, hygiene & customization is a mandatory way to express your artificial nail style.

Keeping this ancient craze for nails beautification in mind ‘Mad for Nails is the one of the pioneer company to bring artificial nails with the concept of convenience, ease, hygiene & customization and make available quality professional nails directly to the consumer, creating easy-to-use, all-in-one kit so you can achieve Salon type nails at home. Mad For Nails products has expanded to include artificial nails for daily use & for all occasions, including bridal, valentine, birthday and over and above your own personalize design/ideas. Each of these quality products originated from Mad For Nails innovative thinking and alternate vast salon experience.

‘Mad for Nails’ is India’s one of the manufacturer and distributor of professional quality nail products. The company originated in the lucrative beauty supply market. As the popularity of the products soared, distribution and reach will quickly expanded to the mass-market arena from Capitalizing on this success. This revolutionary brand was the first to allow women to achieve salon-like nails at home, quickly and easily. All kits contain tapes, full cover nails, cleaning tissue that make getting a salon-like nail art experience at home easy for any consumer.

The platform, in ‘web and app’, provides offerings for multiple lines of Designs (MODs), where customers are welcome to visit to select & buy multiple lifestyle nail designs/patterns.

The founders of Mad For Nails then thought of a solution of developing a suitable platform to address this multi-dimensional requirement of consumers.

  • MFN has huge online catalogue
  • MFN application help customer to acquire perfect sizes
  • MFN application provide Nail Category Index
  • Completely Customizable
  • MFN provide Free delivery

Advantages of MFN

  • MFN acrylic extensions provide convenience experience suitable for women with brittle and weak nails.
  • MFN acrylic extensions provide Hassel fee environment ,customers don’t need to worry about how to apply & remove it’s not a difficult process like salon No chemical & hassles
  • MFN Acrylic Extension provides custom fit Nails, Customer can choose from different sizes and shapes as per his preference.
  • MFN acrylic extensions are cost effective solutions for customers then their counterpart available processes in salons