Frequently Asked Questions


To remove MFN Nails, apply a little bit of cuticle oil around the sides and gently lift the edges off with the wooden stick that comes in your pack. Since there is no glue, it will not damage your natural nails!
With every MFN nails set of 10pcs, you will get 24pcs of the adhesive of different sizes in the box. It means you can use your nails two times with available 24 adhesives!
MFN Nails may be worn up to 7 days provided you carefully follow the direction to use.
This could happen if you use any type of lotion or cosmetics that contain oil an hour before or after applying MFN Nails, the same can affect the longevity of the adhesion even if the alcohol pad was used. Further there are some people with naturally oilier nail beds so that may affect the adhesive as well.
Yes. MFN Nails should be applied onto a clean, dry nail.
MFN Nails usages special adhesive which basically means the more you press after the first few minutes of application, the longer and stronger the hold will be!